Article 5.2.3bis.1.1bis.


For the purposes of this subsection, waste incineration installations and waste co-incineration installations also include all incineration lines or co-incineration lines and the provisions for receipt, storage and pre-treatment on-site of the waste, the systems for the supply of waste, fuel and air, steam boilers, the arrangements for the treatment of waste gases, the arrangements for the processing or storage on-site of residues and waste water, the stacks, as well as the equipment and systems for the regulation of the incineration or co-incineration process and the recording and monitoring of the incineration or co-incineration conditions.

If, for the thermal treatment of waste, use is made of processes other than oxidation, such as pyrolysis, gasification and the plasma process, the waste incineration or co-incineration installation includes both the thermal treatment process and the subsequent incineration process.


This subsection does not apply to gasification and pyrolysis installations, if the gases that are the result of the thermal treatment of waste are cleaned such that they are always comparable with natural gas in terms of nature and composition prior to their incineration.


If co-incineration of waste takes place in such a way that the installation is not principally intended for the generation of energy or the manufacture of material products, but for the heat treatment of waste, the installation is regarded as a waste incineration installation.