The installation must pass the following inspections:


through an inspection at the time of commissioning, the operator shows that the installation operates according to the predetermined process parameters, the recording equipment has been correctly calibrated and there is adequate killing of pathogenic and/or genetically modified micro-organisms;


via a periodic inspection, the operator shows that the installation is still able to guarantee adequate killing of pathogenic and/or genetically modified micro-organisms. This inspection is initially carried out monthly. After a period of twelve months in which all monthly inspections deliver a favourable result, the inspection is carried out every three months;


following events that could affect the proper functioning of the installation, it is demonstrated by means of an exceptional inspection that this proper functioning remains guaranteed. This is done in any case after a repair, a malfunction and upon any significant change in the waste to be processed.

For the test-organism of biological indicators, traces are used of Bacillus subtilis, Geobacillus stearothermophilus or another organism that can be shown to have at least an equivalent resistance to decontamination with moist steam.


The reports of the prototype inspection, the inspection on commissioning and the protocols for periodic and exceptional inspections are validated by the technical expert. The validations are requested by the operator of the installation and are carried out at his/her expense.

These documents and the validation document are kept available for perusal by the supervisor.

The reports of the periodic and exceptional inspections, together with the logbook of maintenance, repairs and loading, are kept available in the installation for perusal by the supervisor for two years.