Storage and biological treatment of non-dangerous waste materials

Article This subsection applies to the establishments meant in sections 2.2.3, e), 2.2.3, f), 2.3.3, a) and 2.3.7, d) of the classification list.

Article The operator ensures that open basins are filled to a level no higher than that at which there is no danger of the basins overflowing.


The delivery line for liquid organic biological/waste materials from the truck in question has an impervious quick-action coupling that fits the closed storage site or an equivalent alternative. Drip-trays are also provided at the couplings that can catch the organic/biological waste materials. During unloading, the truck is located on a hard standing area that is sufficiently impervious so that the soil and groundwater and/or surface water cannot be polluted. All run-off from this hard surface is collected.


For establishments licensed before 1 July 2014, the requirements specified in paragraph 1 apply from 1 July 2017.