Article 7.

Without prejudice to the application of article 5.2.1, 3 and 4 of the DABM, the Environment Permit shall serve as acknowledgement for that part of the project subject to notification if the project is subject to both the notification and the permit requirement.

If the project contains elements that are subject to multiple licensing or notification obligations, by or pursuant to the decrees referred to in Article 5, and those aspects are inextricably linked, the application for a permit will include the aspects concerned under penalty of inadmissibility if at least one element of the application requires a permit.

The obligation to submit jointly, stated in the first paragraph, does not apply to applications for or reporting of urban development activities and the operation of classified establishments or activities that are only necessary during the implementation phase of the project. If an environmental impact statement has to be drawn up for the project and the environmental impact statement makes relevant statements about the method of implementation, the aim is to submit jointly with regard to the aspects that are dealt with in the environmental impact statement