Article 11.


An Environment Fund shall be established. The Environment Fund is a budgetary fund within the meaning of the provisions of Article 15, §2 of the Flemish Code of Public Finances of 29 March 2019.



The resources available to the Environmental Fund are:

the balance of the Environmental Fund available as of 31 December of the year preceding the budgetary year;

all receipts resulting from the application of this Decree;

other resources allocated to the fund by virtue of statutory and decreed provisions.



The resources of the Environmental Fund shall be used for policy costs associated with the preparation, organisation and execution of this Decree.



The Government of Flanders manages the Environmental Fund.

It shall provide the necessary administrative and logistical support for the Environmental Fund and can, in accordance with the applicable rules, delegate some of its powers to the senior official appointed for that purpose.

§5. The Government of Flanders shall establish the organic rules that apply to the financial and material management of the Environmental Fund.