Article 30.

After the public inquiry referred to in Article 23, the competent authority referred to in Article 15 may, at the request of the license applicant, allow changes to be made to the permit request.

The request of the permit applicant enables the competent authority to assess whether the changes do any harm to the protection of humans or the environment or good spatial planning.

If the competent authority allows changes to be made to the permit application, a public inquiry into the modified permit application will be organised if one of the following conditions is met:

1 the changes do not concur with the advice or the positions, comments and objections submitted during the public inquiry;
2 the changes apparently violate the rights of third parties.

If a public inquiry is organised regarding the amended permit application, the competent authority will, where appropriate, obtain the advice of the competent Environment Permit Committee, as stated in Article 16, 1, or the opinions as stated in Article 24, as yet or a second time.