Article 44.

If the council of mayor and aldermen is the competent authority, the municipal environmental officer prepares a report for each decision about a permit application, which is part of the permit file. Where appropriate, the report assesses the application against the grounds for assessment determined by or pursuant to:

1 titel IV van de VCRO;
2 titel V van het DABM;
3 the decree of 15 July 2016 regarding the integral commercial establishment policy;
4 the decree of 21 October 1997 on nature conservation and the natural environment.

The municipal environmental officer makes this report available to the board of the Mayor and Aldermen at the latest ten days before the expiry of the confirmed or, where appropriate, extended decision period. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen will indicate in their reasoning for the decision how the report will be taken into account. If no report is made within the set deadline, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen may disregard the requirement for a report.

Paragraph 1 applies mutatis mutandis to the deputation and the provincial environmental officer.