Article 56.

To be admissible, the appeal shall be submitted to the competent authority stated in article 52 by secured consignment.

If, in application of Article 31/1, an organised administrative appeal has been lodged with the Government of Flanders against the decision of the municipal council on the construction, modification, relocation or closure of a municipal road, the appeal shall contain a copy of the notice of appeal to the Government of Flanders under penalty of inadmissibility.

To be admissible, the party lodging the appeal shall send a copy of the notice of appeal simultaneously and by secured consignment to:

1 the permit applicant, except where he himself is lodging the appeal;
2 the deputation if this took the decision in the first administrative instance;
3 the bench of Mayor and Aldermen, except where it itself is lodging the appeal.

The Government of Flanders lays down, possibly including an inadmissibility sanction, furhter rules with regard to the structure and content of the notice of appeal and the supporting documents that must be enclosed with the appeal in order for it to be loged in an admissible manner.