Article 73.

The special environmental conditions stated in article 72 contain the additional measures required to protect people and the environment against unacceptable risks and nuisance caused by the operation.

The special environmental conditions can consist, inter alia, of an obligation:

1 to carry out a study or provide monitoring for the purpose of checking the application of the special environmental conditions;
2 to conclude, at the expense of the operator, a remediation contract as stated in article 32septies, 4 and 5 of the Law of 26 March 1971 on protecting surface waters against pollution. The conclusion of the remediation contract can be accomplished by the operator, namely by initiating the procedure himself. The Government of Flanders shall establish more specific rules for this.

If best available techniques are available, they shall form the reference for establishing the special environmental conditions.

By way of derogation from subparagraph 1, the competent authority can establish stricter special environmental conditions than those that can be achieved by using the best available techniques according to the criteria determined by the Government of Flanders. The Government of Flanders shall determine the way in which the best available techniques are established.