Article 82.

The competent authority stated in article 15 can amend or supplement the environmental conditions imposed in the Environment Permit:

1 officially through a reasoned initiative;
2 upon reasoned request by:
a) the competent division of the municipality, the provincial Environment Permit Committee or the regional Environment Permit Committee as a result of an evaluation carried out as stated in article 5.4.11 of the DABM;
b) [...]
c) the public concerned;
d) the supervisor who, in application of Title XVI of the DABM, has been appointed to supervise the classified facility or activity;
e) the senior official of an advisory body appointed in application of the provisions stated in article 24, subparagraph 1 to deliver an opinion for the classified facility or activity.
f) the senior official of the Environment Department responsible for the Environment Permit.

The request stated in point 2, e) shall be submitted to the competent authority stated in article 15 within a period of thirty days preceding the month in which the evaluation stated in article 5.4.11 of the DABM would take place.

The Environment Permit stated in this article shall be updated in accordance with the provisions of Sections 4 and 5.