Section 5.
Procedure for updating the Environment Permit stated in Sections 1 and 2 in the last administrative instance

Article 90.

An appeal can be lodged against the express or tacit decision on a request or official initiative to update the Environment Permit with:

1 the deputation if the bench of Mayor and Aldermen was the competent authority in the first administrative instance;
2 the Government of Flanders if the deputation was the competent authority in the first administrative instance.

The appeal shall suspend the decision.

The provisions of Chapter 3 shall apply accordingly to the lodging and processing of and the decision regarding the appeal.

If no decision is made within the specified or, where applicable, the extended time limit as stated in article 66, 2, 2, the appeal shall be deemed to have been dismissed and the contested decision shall be regarded as definitive.

Article 64 and article 66, 2/1 shall not apply accordingly.