Article 14/1.

The procedures referred to in this Decree and the procedures amended or introduced by this Decree in other decrees can take place digitally, either wholly or in part, in accordance with the rules established by the Government of Flanders.
The following applications, requests or official initiatives or notifications shall be submitted digitally:
applications, requests or official initiatives or notifications relating to:

1░ Flemish projects;
2░ provincial projects;
3░ projects not exempt from the involvement of an architect;
4░ the operation of a classified establishment or activity [...];
5░ the parcelling of land;
6░ the updating of an Environment Permit for the parcelling of land, if this update involves a change to the parcel boundaries.


By way of derogation from paragraph 2, these casesámay be submitted in analogue or digital format if they may be submitted in French pursuant to the applicable language legislation.

If the competent authority establishes that certain parts of an application, request, notification or administrative appeal submitted in analogue format were generated digitally, it can ask the applicant, requester, notifier or appellant to submit these parts in digital format. These shall comply promptly with any such request.

The Government of Flanders can amend the list in subparagraph 2. It can also establish more specific rules if the digital system provided by Flanders is unavailable due to technical problems, and suspend or extend the time limits of the procedures referred to in this Decree for the duration of the technical problems.