To support the establishment of environmental conditions, Flemish BAT studies can be produced:


if, after a thorough assessment, this is deemed to be necessary for the specific Flemish situation. This is possible in the following instances:


on account of a Flemish policy priority, or


a Flemish environmental problem is involved (exceedances of one or more European environmental quality standards), or


a sector requests new or updated Flemish sectoral environmental conditions (not stated at European level);


if the establishments classified as causing a nuisance have been identified as the main cause (if not the BAT philosophy must first be applied to the more important sources).

For the purposes of this Section, a Flemish BAT study is understood to mean: a document that is the result of the exchange of information organised pursuant to Article, paragraph 2, which is produced for clearly defined activities and more specifically provides a description of techniques used, current emissions and consumption levels, techniques considered for determining best available techniques, as well as recommendations for environmental regulations and possible emerging techniques, with particular attention to the criteria stated in Appendix 18 of Title I of the VLAREM.