Subsection 6.1.
General provisions

Article 33/1.

It is prohibited to attach structures such as solar panels, overhanging roofs and advertising panels to or over roof and facade cladding containing asbestos. It is also prohibited to enclose or cover roof and wall cladding containing asbestos with other materials.

Article 33/2.

It is forbidden to clean or de-moss roof and wall cladding made of asbestos cement.

Article 33/3.

The Government of Flanders can lay down further rules for the management of rainwater run-off from an asbestos cement roof or facade cladding in order to minimise the impact on people and the environment.

Article 33/4.

The Government of Flanders can make compulsory the issue of a receipt for the delivery of asbestos-containing household waste to a natural person or legal person who, in accordance with Article 11, holds a permit for the disposal of the waste or to a registered waste trader or broker as stated in Article 13. 

The Government of Flanders can lay down further rules regarding the content and the issue of the proof of delivery, stated in the first paragraph.