This Section provides for the partial transposition of Directive 2008/105/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 December 2008 on environmental quality standards in the field of water policy, amending and subsequently repealing Council Directives 82/176/EEC, 83/513/EEC, 84/156/EEC, 84/491/EEC and 86/280/EEC, and amending Directive 2000/60/EC, and for the partial transposition of Directive 2013/39/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 August 2013 amending Directives 2000/60/EC and 2008/105/EC as regards priority substances in the field of water policy.

The guide values stated in Appendix 2.3.1 shall be used as basic environmental quality standards for assessing the good ecological and good chemical status of surface waters. In the river basin management plans, the assessment of ecological status is divided into five classes, namely "very good", "good", "moderate", "unsatisfactory" and "poor".

In accordance with Article 60, paragraph 1, 1, a), 2), 3) and 4) of the Decree of 18 July 2003 concerning the integral water policy, the surface water bodies are divided into the following types in the river basin management plans [...]: "small stream", "small stream Kempen", "large stream", "large stream Kempen", "small river", "large river", "very large river", "fresh polder watercourse", "brackish polder watercourse", "fresh, mesotidal lowland estuary", "weakly brackish (oligohaline), macrotidal lowland estuary", "brackish, macrotidal lowland estuary", "salt, mesotidal lowland estuary", "circumneutral, heavily buffered lake", "moderately ion-rich, alkaline lake", "large, deep, eutrophic, alkaline lake", "large, deep, oligotrophic to mesotrophic, alkaline lake", "ion-rich, alkaline lake", "alkaline dune water", "very slightly brackish lake", "circumneutral, slightly buffered lake", "circumneutral, iron-rich lake", "heavily acidic lake", "moderately acidic lake" and "very brackish lake".