A collection system for urban waste water must be provided:


by 31 December 1998 for agglomerations with more than 10,000 inhabitant equivalents;


by 31 December 2005 for agglomerations with less than 10,000 inhabitant equivalents;


When the construction of the collection systems referred to in 1 is not justified because from an environmental perspective there would be no benefit or because it would be excessively expensive, use must be made of separate or other suitable systems with which the same degree of environmental protection is obtained.


The collection systems referred to in 1 must be designed, built, adapted and maintained in accordance with the best available techniques, in particular with regard to:


volume and properties of the urban waste water;


the prevention of leaks;


the limiting of pollution of the receiving waters due to rainwater flooding.

On the proposal of the Coordination Commission for the Integral Water Policy stated in Article 25 of the Decree of 18 July 2003 concerning the integral water policy, the Flemish minister may establish a code of good practice for the design and construction of public sewers.


Places for the discharging of urban waste water must, to the extent possible, be chosen so that the effect on the receiving surface waters is as slight as possible.