General provisions

Article This Section provides for the transposition of Directive 2008/50/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2008 on ambient air quality and cleaner air for Europe.


This Section sets out measures aimed at:


describing and establishing the aims for air quality in order to prevent, impede or reduce harmful consequences for human health and the environment as a whole;

assessing air quality on the basis of common methods and criteria;

obtaining data on air quality, to help combat air pollution and nuisance and monitor the long-term trends and improvements that are the result of measures;

ensuring that the data on air quality are made available to the public;

maintaining good air quality, and improving it in other cases;

promoting greater cooperation between the Member States of the European Union in reducing air pollution.


§ 1.

The following institutions and bodies are competent with regard to the implementation of Section 2.5.2:


1°  the Flanders Environment Agency is charged with:
  a)  assessment of the air quality;
  b)  ensuring the accuracy of measurements;
  c)  analysis of the assessment methods;
  d)   cooperation with the other Member States and the European Commission regarding assessment of air quality and ensuring the quality of measuring methods;
the Interregional Centre for the Environment (IRCEL) as stated in Article 6 of the agreement of cooperation between the Brussels-Capital, Flemish and Walloon Regions of 18 May 1994 related to the supervision of emissions in the air and the structuring of information, is charged with:
  a)  the coordination of reports to the European Commission;
  b)  the coordination of any Community programmes for quality assurance organised by the European Commission;
the division, competent for air pollution, is charged with:
  a) proposing measures, air quality plans and short-term action plans to improve air quality to the Flemish minister;
  b) cooperation with the other Member States and the European Commission;
the Flemish minister is charged with:
  a) submitting measures, air quality plans and short-term action plans to improve air quality to the Government of Flanders;
  b) the recognition of the measuring systems (methods, equipment, networks and laboratories). The competent institutions and bodies stated in paragraph 1 shall, where applicable, comply with the provisions of Appendix, Part C.




§ 2.

The Flanders Environment Agency shall send a copy of the information stated in paragraph 1, 1° to the Division, competent for air pollution.

Article The Flanders Environment Agency shall subdivide the entire territory into zones and agglomerations. Air quality assessment and management shall take place in all zones and agglomerations.