Section 4.4.2.
General establishment regulations



The establishments must be designed, built and operated according to a code of good practice - in such a way that the air pollution caused by these establishments is reduced as much as possible or even completely prevented, if possible. To that end, the establishments are to be operated and equipped with means to reduce emissions corresponding to the best available techniques. The emission-limiting measures are aimed at reducing both the mass concentration and mass flows of the air pollution emitted by the establishment. Particular account is taken of:


measures to reduce the amount of waste gas, such as the encasing of parts of the establishment and purposive collection of waste gas flows;


measures to optimise the substances used and the energy consumed;


measures to optimise the operations for starting up and shutting down and other special operating conditions.

For existing establishments, with the implementation of the requirement to make use of the best available techniques as explained in paragraph 1, the following must be into account:


the technical characteristics of the establishment;


the rate of utilisation and length of the remaining life of the establishment;


the nature and volume of polluting emissions from the establishment;


the desirability of not incurring excessive costs for the establishment concerned, having regard in particular to the economic situation of enterprises belonging to the category in question.

The evacuation of waste gases.

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Minimum height for stacks or ducted vents.

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Duty to inform.

Article The operator shall keep the stack height calculation stated in Article available for the supervisory body. When operating a new establishment, the stack height calculation stated in Article shall be carried out before the establishment is commissioned.


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