The operator ensures the proper operation and the cleanliness of the establishment. The staff is given the necessary instructions for the operation and maintenance of the establishment.

The operator ensures that the management of the establishment is in the hands of a natural person who is technically competent to manage the establishment. The operator of the establishment ensures that professional and technical training of staff is provided.

The establishment is set up and operated in such a way that no waste or litter gets scattered outside the establishment and that litter and wind-blown material is prevented to the greatest possible extent.

The whole establishment, including entrance and exit, car park and roads are thoroughly cleaned at regular intervals, daily if necessary. Litter along the enclosure and in the grounds is removed regularly, at least once a week.


When malfunctions or breakdowns occur, the operator takes the steps required to have any repairs carried out as soon as possible. He/she ensures that the required spare parts are obtained rapidly.


Using appropriate means particular to the responsible operation of the establishment, the operator prevents and combats dust, gas, aerosols, smoke or unpleasant odours. The operator takes all possible measures to minimise polluting emissions. Any nuisance caused may not exceed acceptable limits nor should it go beyond the normal nuisance caused by neighbours.


Unless specified otherwise in the environmental licence and without prejudice to other conditions concerning noise nuisance prevention, any activities disturbing peace and quiet are prohibited on workdays before 7 a.m. and after 7 p.m., on Sundays and public holidays.


The operator takes all steps required to prevent vibrations inherent in the operation of the establishment from causing harm to the stability of constructions or becoming a source of discomfort to the neighbourhood. Vibrations caused by the installations must not be transmitted to the building or the surrounding area. Parts of the installations that may act as sources of vibration are equipped with a vibration-damping system.


The operator takes all measures necessary to prevent nuisances caused by birds, vermin and insects. The use of pesticides is avoided to the greatest possible extent and the approval of the supervisory authority is required.


It is prohibited to let animals run free at the establishment


Any waste water that is generated in the establishment is collected. Waste water is always treated in an appropriate manner to be recycled or reused where possible, or in the other case to be discharged. No direct connection may exist between the point where waste water to be treated is collected and a surface water or a sewer.


The drainage of adjacent plots may not be impeded.

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