The collected waste materials are separated and stored immediately or at the latest by the end of the day's work by the operator or his/her authorised representative in such a way that any risk is avoided.


The dangerous household waste is separated and sorted according to the chemical composition, nature or characteristics of the different waste materials. The containers or recipients are clearly labelled with the nature of the individual waste materials and the relevant danger pictograms.


The dangerous household waste is stored in an impervious compartmentalised container ("secure space for dangerous household waste") or in a closed storage area, in accordance with the approved work plan.


If it is found that a receptacle containing dangerous household waste is leaking, the receptacle or its contents are transferred to another suitable receptacle immediately and any spilled liquid is cleared. To this end, sufficient spare receptacles and absorbing material are kept available at the establishment. Empty polluted recipients and polluted absorbing material are removed with the dangerous household waste.