The storage of used oil must meet the conditions for the storage of flammable liquids included in section 5.6.2.


The operator of an establishment for the storage or treatment of used oil must have sufficient quantities of technical means to store or treat used oil without causing environmental pollution. The operator of an establishment for the treatment of used oil must have a sufficiently developed water treatment installation to purify the waste water generated by the treatment in order to be able to meet the effluent limits for discharges to surface water in all conditions. Waste water that cannot be treated in the waste water treatment establishment is taken to a suitable treatment establishment.


The storage tanks and containers for used oil are constructed and installed in such a way that easy and representative sampling of the contents is possible.


It is prohibited to store other substances in the storage tanks or containers licensed for the storage of used oil.


The addition of water, solvents or any other substance to the used oil is prohibited.


Any residues formed during the storage of used oil are delivered to a suitable processing installation.