Layout and infrastructure.



Odour-laden waste gases are extracted at all points where they arise in the establishment and led off to an appropriate waste gas treatment installation. Waste gases are in any case extracted from the receiving area, the storage area and above the crushing or grinding installation.




The waste water must flow easily from the establishment to suitable collection pits.


The waste water is treated in an appropriate waste water treatment installation until compliant with the discharge standards and without causing odour nuisance.


Waste water originating from the unclean zone must - wherever practically possible - be treated to remove all pathogens.

Article The procedures, methods and equipment used to sample the processed products are approved by the supervisory authority. The practical implementation of the sampling is approved in advance by a duly recognised laboratory as specified in Article 6, 5, e) of VLAREL, unless the sampling is carried out by a duly recognised [...] laboratory itself.

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